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iEARN Club 2017-2018

Hi!I am iEARN 2017  club leader. My name is Rita . My class is S2A. I'm glad to be one of members in iEARN . Hope we can all enjoy the time and learn a lot from this meaningful club.       
                         Welcome to SK iEARN

iEARN Vice-Club Leader

張貼者:2017年9月22日 晚上11:08Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2017年11月15日 晚上10:44 ]

Hello everyone, my name is Nora.My class is S2B. My hobby is eat and sleep.I wish I can travel around the world.I have been to overseas such as  America, Japan and Korea. From these trips, I made new friends with different countries. I learned different cultures from each of them. I love Disneyland and Disney cartoons because I can live in a fantasy dream.  My favorite colors are white and blue, nice meeting you all. 

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