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iEARN Club 2018-2019

Departure to Taichung for 2019 iEARN PBL

張貼者:2019年6月2日 下午10:45Nela Lin

Taking early Ubus to Taichung for iEARN PBL
Girls are so excited...

More training for iEARN PBL

張貼者:2019年6月2日 下午10:39Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年6月2日 下午11:28 ]

No matter juniors or seniors, they are practicing very hard for 2019 iEARN PBL

iEARN Training for 2019 PBL

張貼者:2019年5月7日 下午11:53Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年5月8日 上午12:13 ]

Another Saturday training students for 2019 iEARN PBL

The Last iEARN Club of 2019

張貼者:2019年5月7日 下午11:52Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年6月2日 下午10:35 ]



跟外國人視訊說英文 🎥 

但 let me tell you 
希望你在這裡學到skills & knowledge 
永遠存在in your heart and brain 🧠

👉🏻do critical thinking 🤔
👉🏻deliver presentation 🗣
👉🏻collaboration and cooperation 🤝
👉🏻and helping others in need 💪🏻


iEARN Training

張貼者:2019年4月20日 下午11:33Nela Lin

We are preparing an oral presentation  from scratch 
Here are some steps in preparing a presentation
How to plan a presentation?
1. Choose your topic
2. Analyze your topic
3. Narrow down the information of your topic
4. Preparing a body of your presentation
5. Preparing the introduction and conclusion
6. Opening and closure speech are important
7. Practicing the presentation
8. How to deliver the speech is important
9. How to encourage the audience to your presentation
10. Don't forgot gestures, eye contact are important. 


Sharing iEARN with CSJHS Teachers

張貼者:2019年4月11日 上午2:45Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年4月15日 下午4:50 ]

👏It’s a great afternoon to come here and share with  CSJHS teachers. Thanks Jessica for inviting Nela for giving an iEARN Speech in your school. 
☝🏻We are always questioning 🤔what’s is Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL) ❓The answer is easy, it’s preparing students for academic, personal, or career critical thinking skills. 
☝🏻In the classroom, teachers make learning come alive for students through PBL. At the same time, students will work together with their peers on a project for short or long terms, for a semester or a year. 
☝🏻Every project will engage them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Also, they should demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a
☝🏻As a result of this, students will develop deeper content as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing meaningful iEARN projects. 
☝🏻The main point, many iEARN projects will engage both students and teachers using  their creativity and language for collaboration, cooperation, exploration, understanding global issues and using diverse 
    technology skills.

iEARN Training

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:35Nela Lin

準備2019 iEARN PBL發表會
Training date: March 30, 2019

iEARN Teachers' Workshop

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:25Nela Lin

I had this great honor to come this afternoon and share iEARN projects with Chang Jung Senior High School (長榮中學) 

In every iEARN lesson, the teacher will give herself the opportunity to learn from different projects. In iEARN class in the same way that children will learn from you.

  1. iEARN is the action of making a change to the world. There’s no time for any student from any school at all, you just have to take action and do projects right away!
  2. The modern educator isn’t just about knowing the topic from a book, it’s creating lessons to inspire students to learn from it. 
  3. Hoping Nela’s iEARN speech will inspire CJSHS teachers to do more iEARN projects and creating new and fun teaching environment for students to learn. 

Date of workshop: March 27, 2019

iEARN Training

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:12Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年4月10日 下午5:16 ]

iEARN Training for 2019 iEARN PBL

  • iEARN Project Based Learning (PBL) have educational and meaningful topics for students to do or discover.
  • Through iEARN projects it can engage school lessons to personal connections creating meaningful learning experiences.
  • Through PBL, students can have both academic and personal achievement and growth.
  • PBL can be informative for students. Some topics can be challenge not only for students but also for teachers to do and discover together. 
  • PBL is both sides learning for both teachers and students. More than that, it will develop collaboration, cooperation and mutual understanding among peers. 👥


張貼者:2019年3月13日 上午1:11Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年3月13日 上午1:12 ]



          為了讓學生能夠在日本有一個安全便利的生活環境,安心交流、學習日本姐妹校預備了多個寄宿家庭提供本校學生入住。本校鄭校長一向重視寄宿家庭的品質,加強內外環境的要求。住在寄宿家庭,同學可以體驗日本日常生活,了解日本的民族性,及家庭教育。   本校除了正規的課程以外,也希望學生們可以從不同的角度了解日本的傳統文化及習慣。




1. 因應全球化發展趨勢,拓展學生國際視野,認識多元文化,增進學習競爭力。

2. 透過參訪國外著名文化及歷史景點,加強學生對鄰國之認識與交流,同時結合知與行的體認,深耕知識的層級與廣度。

3. 培養並提升學生在團體中之自我認識、自我成長、自我責任、團隊合作精神及理財觀念


  1. 日本姊妹學校參訪
  2. 與日本學生面對面互動
  3. Homestay親身體驗日本文化
  4. Lunch實際動手做

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