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iEARN Training

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:12Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年4月10日 下午5:16 ]

iEARN Training for 2019 iEARN PBL

  • iEARN Project Based Learning (PBL) have educational and meaningful topics for students to do or discover.
  • Through iEARN projects it can engage school lessons to personal connections creating meaningful learning experiences.
  • Through PBL, students can have both academic and personal achievement and growth.
  • PBL can be informative for students. Some topics can be challenge not only for students but also for teachers to do and discover together. 
  • PBL is both sides learning for both teachers and students. More than that, it will develop collaboration, cooperation and mutual understanding among peers. 👥