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iEARN Club 2019-2020

2020 iEARN Winter Camp

張貼者:2020年1月17日 下午8:20Nela Lin

2020 iEARN English Winter Camp 準備中

Planing and Organizing for iEARN Winter Camp

張貼者:2020年1月17日 下午8:14Nela Lin

感謝文賢國小Ken老師 撥時間來聖功跟社長談冬令營的活動 同時也帶很多英文繪本 讓我們社員備課。

I am hopping this coming iEARN winter camp will be meaningful for both schools and students. 👏

SK iEARN, we will put a lot of effort and do our best through this winter camp 💪🏻

2020 iEARN Christmas + New Year's Party

張貼者:2020年1月17日 下午7:59Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年1月17日 下午8:12 ]

I wrote 25 cards for each iEARN member in my club. 

我想讓每個社員 打開我的卡片就有surprise 的感覺,


希望這個社團能培養他們思考(critical thinking)能力,像一個小科學家不斷地solving problems



張貼者:2020年1月8日 下午10:31Nela Lin

本活動為課程延伸活動,結合Saving Our Mother Earth交流計畫,讓學生體驗環保提袋DIY製作,落實環保精神在生活中並傳遞到全世界。




Video of DIY

YouTube 影片

Third iEARN Meeting

張貼者:2019年11月7日 上午12:36Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年11月8日 上午12:20 ]



✌️社團的第二個階段 分工
👉🏻高二 準規劃冬令營以及分配工作
👉🏻高一 準備國際周的海報以及宣傳影片
👉🏻國中 探索以及研究他們的PBL主題




Here is the video

YouTube Video


Second Club Meeting!

張貼者:2019年10月30日 上午1:43Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年11月7日 上午12:29 ]

Second iEARN meeting and new members of 2019-2020
Preparing for SK international week and iEARN winter camp


Our 2019-2020 iEARN Members

張貼者:2019年10月30日 上午1:42Nela Lin

Welcome everyone to iEARN Club!
This year 2019-2020, we are very busy learning, sharing and cooperating through projects. 
Also, we are exchanging iEARN projects with Okayama and Tokyo, Japan. 

First Club Meeting

張貼者:2019年10月23日 上午12:48Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年10月23日 上午5:00 ]

Are you expecting iEARN meeting for too long?
Today's iEARN meeting we need to plan and  discuss on the following activities: 

October SK iEARN Activities:
1. Beach Cleanup Project
2. 8 National Schools Exchange

November Sk iEARN Activity:
3. Exchange DIY recycling cards with our Japanese sister school
4. Exchange ideas about recycling and Save our Mother Earth
5. Video Conference with Sister school (teachers only)

December Sk iEARN Activity:
6. SK International Week
7. TED Talks Competition
8. Japanese sister school principal and guests are coming to SK
9. Students' VC

January SK iEARN activity:
10. Conducting 2020 iEARN Winter camp

February Sk iEARN Activity:
7. Preparing for 2020 iEARN PBL 
Competition (PPT)

March Sk iEARN Activity:
8. Training for iEARN 2020 iEARN PBL Competition

Sk iEARN Activity:
9. Preparation and Rehearsing for 2020 iEARN PBL

Sk iEARN Activity:
10. Tokyo Japanese school is coming to SK for international iEARN Exchange
11. Participating in iEARN PBL Competition

Sk iEARN Activity:
12.Celebration of iEARN Club, end of school year 

There're a lot of things for SK EARN to do all the time, we need to careful plan and finishing with a thorough follow-up. 

Today, we are giving out the certificates for iEARN beach cleanup project


Save Our Mother Earth

張貼者:2019年10月22日 下午9:11Nela Lin


SK iEARN Club members have an opportunity to save our ocean. Usually our beach are filled with so much plastic trash, how can we save our environment and our marine life?

Today, we are doing coastal cleaning the beach will improve the-ecosystem. As human beings, we want to make sure that none of the trash kills marine life or destroys marine life cycle.

It’s an opportunity for SK iEARN students to gather data about types of trash that pollutes our ocean.

Our Beach Cleaning activity:


聖功女中 and 文賢國小 (iEARN Winter Camp)

張貼者:2019年9月24日 下午10:26Nela Lin

SK iEARN is planning 2020 iEARN Winter Camp, my team and I cannot do it by ourselves. Thanks to ken, a teacher from Wunsian Elementary School (文賢國小) gives us support and he and his school will collaborate with us in this special camp. Patrick Lencioni mentioned, “Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only wat to do that is to overcome or need for invulnerability.”

Through this camp, I am sure both schools, Sheng Kung Girls’ High School(聖功女中) and Wunsian Elementary School (文賢國小)will build collaboration, cooperation, partnership and joint effort by doing projects together.

Amy Poehler mentioned, "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever." Through this meaningful camp, I am sure our SK students will have great learning experience.


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