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2020 iEARN Winter Camp

張貼者:2020年5月3日 晚上8:40Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年6月1日 晚上9:18 ]
2020 iEARN English Winter Camp
Our Motivation -活動目的:
獨立思考 全人發展
Through or Winter Camp, we use core competencies from 12-year basic education:
1. We want to focus on students’ basic foundation by learning daily life vocabulary and practice basic language usage by that they can be future lifelong learners. Also in
    difference real-life scenario, developing them critical thinking skills.
2. We want to develop students’ interactive communication. We want them to experience artistic culture, by appreciation, creating and sharing arts.
3. We want to encourage students’ social participation by developing self-exploration, creating interpersonal relationship and teamwork.
4. We want to give students more cultural and global understanding through games.

Here’s our approach of 12 year education diagram:

Pictures from our Camp

Video from our Camp

YouTube 影片

Nela Lin,
2020年6月1日 晚上8:30