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First Club Meeting

張貼者:2019年10月23日 凌晨12:48Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年10月23日 清晨5:00 ]

Are you expecting iEARN meeting for too long?
Today's iEARN meeting we need to plan and  discuss on the following activities: 

October SK iEARN Activities:
1. Beach Cleanup Project
2. 8 National Schools Exchange

November Sk iEARN Activity:
3. Exchange DIY recycling cards with our Japanese sister school
4. Exchange ideas about recycling and Save our Mother Earth
5. Video Conference with Sister school (teachers only)

December Sk iEARN Activity:
6. SK International Week
7. TED Talks Competition
8. Japanese sister school principal and guests are coming to SK
9. Students' VC

January SK iEARN activity:
10. Conducting 2020 iEARN Winter camp

February Sk iEARN Activity:
7. Preparing for 2020 iEARN PBL 
Competition (PPT)

March Sk iEARN Activity:
8. Training for iEARN 2020 iEARN PBL Competition

Sk iEARN Activity:
9. Preparation and Rehearsing for 2020 iEARN PBL

Sk iEARN Activity:
10. Tokyo Japanese school is coming to SK for international iEARN Exchange
11. Participating in iEARN PBL Competition

Sk iEARN Activity:
12.Celebration of iEARN Club, end of school year 

There're a lot of things for SK EARN to do all the time, we need to careful plan and finishing with a thorough follow-up. 

Today, we are giving out the certificates for iEARN beach cleanup project