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iEARN Junior

張貼者:2019年9月24日 晚上10:16Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年9月26日 凌晨3:10 ]

Hello! my name is Yvonne. I was born on February 13th. I'm a girl who likes to laugh, play and chat with friends.
My hobbies are listening to the music and my favorite singer is Eric Chou.
I joined iEARN since last year, I really like this club so much because the teacher and school sisters in iEARN are easygoing and helpful.
I'm happy to be part of  SK iEARN, hopping I can learn more new things through many unique projects.

Hello,my name is Olivia.  I was born on January 4th.I'm thirteen years old.     
My hobbies are practicing Taekwondo, playing music instruments and listen to the music in my free time.
I am a shy girl when I stand on the stage. I will be very nervous talking in front of people, that's the reason I join iEARN club and iEARN Team. 
I wish I can get stronger and never be afraid to stand on the stage. Also, this is my first year to join the iEARN team, I'm still very nervous about this team. I hope I can get opportunity to get on the stage.

Hello everyone. My name is Anya .
I’m thirteen years old now.
I was born on November 29. I like to read a book or listen to music in my free time!
My favorite subject is English!
I come to iEARN because I want to train my ability to go to the stage.
I’m very happy to be able to come to iEARN 
knowing this group of people!