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iEARN Club 2020-2021

iEARN Members of 2020-2021

PBL Workshop

張貼者:2021年3月29日 凌晨2:35Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年3月29日 凌晨2:40 ]

We are so excited to be able invite Claire, a professional speaker of PBL. This workshop has to parts:
A. 🗣Whole class discussion
1️⃣ Understand international education
2️⃣ Do you consider PBL as one of the many forms of international education?
3️⃣ Taking international projects as model of PBL
4️⃣ What needs to be considered in an international PBL?
5️⃣ How to design a project to meet your needs or goals?
B. Group activity🤝
1️⃣ Brainstorm
2️⃣ Design
3️⃣ Demonstrate

2021 iEARN本土與國際專題冬令營

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午6:01Nela Lin

The topic of this year is "Tainan"
Our slogan: Tainan revered for its ancient temples, it is the ancient culture capital


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Training for iEARN Winter Camp

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:33Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年2月4日 下午4:35 ]

Training, practicing and rehearsing for Monday’s camp💪🏻


Getting Ready!

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:31Nela Lin

SK iEARN winter camp
Ready for Monday’s camp

iEARN Winter Camp Preparation

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:27Nela Lin

iEARN 培訓中
iEARN English Camp, we are ready💪🏻



Bye bye 2020

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:22Nela Lin

Bye bye 2020 👋
It’s time to reflect what we did in 2020
and look forward to 2021 with more
international and national exchange
SK iEARN welcomes you 2021
with newer projects, inspirations and learning

We are on Palau News

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:19Nela Lin

SK iEARN is on Palau’s national news 📰
it is on 🗣Top Stories section 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
🙏Thanks Palau for this great experience
❤️感謝Wintersnow (


Friendship Among Nations

張貼者:2021年2月4日 下午4:15Nela Lin

Friendship among Nations
Good news 👍
Chuo, our sister school in Japan got our cards
we are so happy to see our cards arrived safety to Japan 🇯🇵


Video Conference with Palau

張貼者:2020年12月14日 晚上8:57Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年12月14日 晚上8:58 ]

Sheng Kung Girls’ High School and Taiwan Technical School in Palau are having exciting learning time through video conference
🇵🇼 🇹🇼
The beautiful thing about learning is to connect out hearts with other countries and learn from each other.
🎥Today, we had a video conference with Palau, students from both countries were so excited 🇹🇼🇵🇼


Enjoy our video

YouTube 影片

Saturday Training

張貼者:2020年12月14日 晚上8:51Nela Lin

iEARN Saturday training 週六培訓中

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