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iEARN Junior Training

張貼者:2020年9月16日 凌晨1:20Nela Lin
How to teach juniors to do mini-TED?
 What is mini TED? TED are speech collections of famous and infamous speakers that allow public audiences to spread their knowledge
 Basically, TED junior will spreading their ideas that they are interested, topics for example new perspective, professional growth, the future, technology developments, human rights and more. 
 Basically, juniors will choose topics that are excited for them on any topic of their own interest. They that can share their personal perspectives or world view point. 
Today EARN training is introducing Junior :
1.  what is TED?
2. What is the purpose of TED?
3. Who started TED Talks?
4. How to choose TED topics
5. How to do TED presentations