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PBL Workshop

張貼者:2021年3月29日 凌晨2:35Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年3月29日 凌晨2:40 ]
We are so excited to be able invite Claire, a professional speaker of PBL. This workshop has to parts:
A. 🗣Whole class discussion
1️⃣ Understand international education
2️⃣ Do you consider PBL as one of the many forms of international education?
3️⃣ Taking international projects as model of PBL
4️⃣ What needs to be considered in an international PBL?
5️⃣ How to design a project to meet your needs or goals?
B. Group activity🤝
1️⃣ Brainstorm
2️⃣ Design
3️⃣ Demonstrate