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iEARN Club 2021-2022

Video Conference with Palau High School

張貼者:2022年3月17日 凌晨12:23Nela Lin

Palau & Taiwan 🇹🇼 Video Conference 🎥
Isn’t this beautiful?
We love the idea of the doing green energy and share with our Palauans friends.
According to John Evelyn, “Friendship is the golden
thread that ties the heart of all the world".
It’s an amazing that we could able to share our projects and learning something new with other countries.

Video from Video Conference

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iEARN Traning

張貼者:2022年3月16日 晚上10:31Nela Lin

iEARN Training for PBL 2022

Solar Energy

張貼者:2022年3月16日 晚上10:26Nela Lin

In Sk iEARN club, we just started to know more about solar energy, advantages of solar technology, types of solar technologies and solar panel recycling.
SK iEARNers are just amazing.

iEARN Training for 2022 PBL

張貼者:2022年3月6日 下午6:46Nela Lin

1. Introducing what is iEARN
2. Choosing iEARN PBL students
3. Choosing iEARN PBL topics
4. Brainstorming

What is going on SK iEARN club?

張貼者:2022年1月6日 晚上8:10Nela Lin

What is going on SK iEARN club?
Today’s club, we are preparing for 2022 winter camp at Wunsian Elementary School on Rende District.

We are traveling to Okayama through mail!

張貼者:2022年1月6日 晚上7:25Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2022年1月6日 晚上7:33 ]

🧳We are traveling to Okayama through mail! - Connecting Classes with our Japanese sister school Okayama Prefectural Kurashiki Chuo High School.
There are few joys and happiness when writing and receiving cards from other schools. There are others like us all across the globe that enjoy sending and receiving postcards. There are lots of reasons that we are enjoying this activity as SK iEARN family.

There are few reasons why we love this activity:

1️⃣ Travel -travel by writing Students can travel by writing. Through writing, it can help them to explore the world without having to pack a suitcase, fork over a ton of money. It’s a great way to learn about somewhere new to us.
2️⃣ Collection and decoration
Students can use the postcard they receive to decorate their space, like their house or room, on a bulletin board in a classroom.

3️⃣ Stamps
Also, we can see the uniquesness on the stamps which are little works of art from different places of Japan.

4️⃣ Connection
Through postcards, we can know a little bit about the person, the culture and their hobbies.


SK International Week

張貼者:2021年12月29日 下午4:49Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年12月29日 下午5:59 ]

Learning Latino culture, brings SK campus vivid learning.
El Carnaval is one of those festivals that really shows what Spanish and Latin American culture is all about, at the same time, students can learn from different activities stations.

Latino party is full of music, fun, games, endless partying and importantly, people will gather together and have fun!
This is probably the reason why iEARN club chose Carnaval festivals in different Latino countries this year for our international week.
Through this event, hopefully you learned carnival is all about in Latin countries.

Summary of 2021 International Activity

YouTube Video

2021 International Week - Day 2

張貼者:2021年12月27日 凌晨1:36Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年12月29日 下午4:56 ]

On 2021 SK International week day 2, we have three games for stduents to try out: limbo dance (Cuba), footbal (Argentina) and loteria (Mexican Bingo)
Students had fun and the most importantly, they are learning latino culture


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2021 International Week - Day 1

張貼者:2021年12月27日 凌晨1:30Nela Lin

The international week festival reflects the diversity of Latin American culture and Brazilian, connecting through SK seniors and juniors participants of all grade levels through activities including, samba, papel picado y tirando a la pelota, these are activities that we can find in American and Brazilian carnival show their traditions and celebrations.


2021 International Week - Announcement

張貼者:2021年12月27日 凌晨1:23Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2021年12月27日 凌晨1:38 ]




Join us for our international week
Date: 12/27 -12/30
International activities: 12/27 and 12/28
Games: Papel picado, goal, samba, loteria, baile del palo, tirando a la pelota

You must go to 6 stations to be able to win a prize


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