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🌟 Changemaker 高中生社創人才培育計劃

張貼者:2023年1月30日 晚上10:35Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2023年1月30日 晚上10:41 ]
🌟 Changemaker 高中生社創人才培育計劃
SK iEARNers did outstanding job!
Our topic is solving problem of using public toilets in our community by integrating SDGs ➕ PBL ➕ Design thinking.
All the presentation topics are great, I love presentation styles, some of them are: humorous, engaging, action oriented, process oriented, people or idea oriented.
Judges gave us very good suggestions that we can take it into consideration and change it for next time.
We couldn’t make it without Carrice and 鮑苔霞for guiding us in our most difficult times. Thanks to my working parter Kuanwen Huang for supporting us through this project.
The process is hard, it’s a lot of brain burning in this project but I am totally sure, it’s productive for SK girls and all the changemaker students.