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Chritmas Celebration-iEARN Club

張貼者:2023年1月30日 晚上11:54Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2023年1月31日 凌晨12:34 ]
Luckily, Christmas comes every year. But that can make it tricky to be creative and find different ways to say Merry Christmas at SK iEARN Club.

This year, Sk iEARNers came up with activities, games and exchange presents for everyone, something creative that we haven't do ne it before. 

iEARN club is "Home" where Christmas is.
  • From home to school to club, one place and another the Christmas spirit brings us closer to each other on SK iEARN Club members.
We all enjoyed this year on Chritmas season. 
Merry Christmas everyone!