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Junior iEARN 2015-2016

張貼者:2015年11月12日 凌晨3:38Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年11月17日 凌晨3:19 ]

Hello! My name is Jennifer. I am studying in Sheng Kung Girls' High School. I am a junior high student. English is my favorite subject. My hobby is reading. I always read some English novels, and magazines. I also like to watch English movies. I think Sheng Kung is a good place to study English. Hopefully, my English will get better and better. 

Here are the members of iEARN junior 2015-2016

Hi,I am Eva.I am 14 years old now.I study in Shen Kung (SK) Junior High School in class "F" .My hobbies are listening to music  and reading books. I usually listen to the music when I am writing homework because it can let me feel relax. Read books is my other hobby that  I  like. Also, I go to the library every weekends. Reading books is interesting thing for me. Sometimes I read the books after doing  my homework. How about you! tell me something about you!

Hi everyone, my name is Elaine. I am 14 years old and I study in Sheng Kung Girls' Junior High 
School.My favorite subject is music and art.
 My hobby is watching anime( 動漫). I like to eat desserts like macarons and brownies 
I moved to Singapore when I was seven. It`s a completely new living environment for me.So I started to make friends from different countries like, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Myanmar,
Philippines, Korea, Japan and Britain.. My favorite idol is Kosaka Atsushi(高坂篤志) because I he is my favorite dubber.My favorite country is Taiwan and Sweden. Sweden is one of the Nordics country, when winter come, all the grounds will be filled by snow.
This is my self introduction, thank you.

Hi My name is Melissa.