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    In today's modern world, access to hi-tech gadgets is always available and using them in teaching a second language would probably be beneficial. Are you really teaching students? Using another method of teaching and learning is another challenge for both teachers and students. Are students really learning from books in the classroom? iEARN is an interaction through the Net and connection to the world. Students are not sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher's talk. When doing an iEARN project students can use their second language in all four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, to do an unlimited number of fun projects.

     Through Sheng Kung clubs, I am using iEARN projects with my students. In the beginning, it is a challenge and scary. But once I got to know how to do it, I as a teacher have guided my students in many fun projects. At the same time the students are doing projects, the teacher is also learning from iEARN.

     After a year of doing projects such as "My School", "Christmas Card Exchange" and "Food for Thought" in my club, I found iEARN to be imaginative, and exploitative. It involves preparation, research and reading, followed by sharing .

      Why is it imaginative and exploitative? Students can imagine, through their projects, a world in which all people across the planet are able to cooperate on projects. It is also explorative because students will investigate their topics by going to the library, doing research on the computer or interviewing people. Then students will encounter with preparation. Once they have gathered all the information, they will put it together by writing about it. Here, students should put to use the grammar skills that they have been learning in the classroom. More than that, the teacher in the assessment area will assess the students' work by asking questions about what they have done. Students should answer the teachers' questions. They should show their knowledge and their understanding about the topic of their choice.

     Finally, sharing is the iEARN's final step. After the students' work is complete, they will share their projects and other information with other people from other parts of the world.  Students should post their work on the iEARN's website, so that other people from other countries can take a look and comment on their work. The fun part in this area is not just a linguistic sharing but also cultural understanding and learning beyond the classroom learning.

     I had fun doing iEARN and my students learned a lot from it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        林怡君 I-Chun Lin (Nela)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         English, Spanish Teacher
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