Food Safety in Taiwan

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In Taiwan, over the past few years the country has been rocked by food safety scandal.
 In the early times, it began with foods tainted with plasticizer (塑化劑) and leanness-enhancing agent (瘦肉精) , 
followed by tainted oil (黑心油) and recently toxic eggs(毒雞蛋) .
After the issue of tainted oil, Taiwanese citizens and governments not only noticed the food security problem 
but also were aware of food producers in Taiwan. However, most of the people still have not paid much attention
 to food safety from the Taiwanese news.
Through this project, we want to investigate the foods and food problems. This issue of food are insecure for us,
 and even the old Taiwanese brands can’t be trusted and the GMP signs are shaky. 
Find more and follow us our investigation on iEARN PBL.

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Nela Lin,
2019年6月3日 晚上10:42
Nela Lin,
2019年6月3日 晚上10:42