New Emerging Careers

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With new technology grow rapidly, there are more and more emerging jobs appearing in our daily lives.

 Many of us are worried about what we are going to do after we graduate  from high school;
we are not sure if we are equipped with enough skills and abilities for our future jobs.

 Therefore, we decided to introduce two emerging jobs for our iEARN project:
1.“YouTubers” and 2.“shopping companions.”
We will talk about what the two jobs are about and what kinds of requirements do people need to get the jobs.
Through this project, we will share the discussion of this issue we had with our Japanese friends with everyone.

高中參賽學生:S1A 王筠蓁、S1A 鄭宛妍、S1C 曾郁閔 、S1D 吳筱葳、 S1E 郭珈玗     

                   指導老師:Nela Lin 林怡君老師

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Nela Lin,
2019年6月4日 凌晨2:25
Nela Lin,
2019年6月4日 凌晨2:25