Plastic Pollution in our Ocean

張貼者:2019年6月3日 晚上11:52Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年6月10日 凌晨12:01 ]
Our project is about plastic pollution in our ocean. We will talk about what human beings
have done to cause this problem and the fatal effects on the environment and sea creatures.
Then, we will share some possible solutions to this issue and what we, junior high school
students, can do to save our planet with everyone. Besides, we had some online meetings
with our partners in Japan, so we are going to show some highlights about our discussion at
the end our presentation.

                          國中參賽學生:   J2B 王禹蘋  J2D陳昕瑜、詹珮綸  J1B毛奕璇     
                  指導老師:Nela Lin 林怡君老師

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Nela Lin,
2019年6月3日 晚上11:52
Nela Lin,
2019年6月3日 晚上11:52