Let’s Do a Proper Recycle!

張貼者:2020年6月23日 晚上10:37Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年7月9日 晚上11:20 ]
The earth is our planet, it is the only planet where life is known to exist. How do we 
protect our mother earth? How our earth can be better? Everyday people create a lot of waste. Most of wastes find its way into landfills. This will harm our earth and our environment. We chose this topic for our research, discussion, and conducted different experiments. In this project, we will tell you the recycle system in our school and we also went to teach elementary school’s students how to do a better recycle. Through this project, we understood the importance of the environmental issues and we want to promote and save our mother earth.

Senior Members: S1A 林芮暄 ,S1A陳品甄 ,S1B 莊郁菲 ,S1D 羅芸蓁  
By :  Caleyfionia
Teacher: Nela Lin


By高一溫S1A Sonia

I learned a lot from the experience of this competition, including the tacit understanding and cooperation of the team, preparation before the competition, planning what I want to express first, communicating my ideas with the league members and reaching a consensus before I do it. In each week's practice, we constantly improve and improve. We only hope to have better results. I also thank members for their cooperation, so that everything can be carried out in the plan and get good results. My greatest experience is infinite thanks.

By高一溫S1A Catherine


By 高一良S1B Fiona

這是我第二次參加 iEARN PBL,這次很特別,因為疫情的關係,所以以線上的方式來參賽,我覺得這樣的方式有好有壞,但無論如何,我們都成功的完成這次的發表。而能得特優真的出乎我的意外!因為我們在deadline前幾天,才開始re稿,甚至在錄影那天錯誤百出,但或許是團隊的向心力吧,我們終究克服困難,完美的完成這次的發表。
高一儉S1D Ashley

Nela Lin,
2020年6月23日 晚上10:37