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As the technology updates so quickly, the price of it gets lower. And, as it gets cheaper, the speed gets replaced faster. Therefore, we should take some actions, such as focusing on the new information about the E-waste. We want everybody to reflect about whether we really need so many electronic devices in our daily lives. As the project continues, we learned about Japanese and American electronic devices for its recycling. More than that we are using SDG 11 and 12 to give a better solution to the problem.

reJAHIO psycho: Hueiling, Olivia, Josephine, Alice and Iris Teacher: Nela Lin
Video: https://youtu.be/OGzjLC3b10w

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My iEARN PBL Experience
從這次的比賽中我從中學習到很多新事物,像是跨班與不同的人合作,或是上台以英文的方式說出想帶給別人的想法。雖然從中遇到不少的挫折,像是我們團隊的影片不能夠剪輯,遇到出錯必須以臨場反應創作,或是耗費更多時間重新錄製一遍,讓我很認真的把自己的出錯率降到最低,不想要給同伴們麻煩,也認為是負擔自己分內的工作表現。我不知不覺的在準備的比賽過程中,具備了對自己負責的態度,也嘗試與不熟識的人溝通、討論,增進了我的膽識,我認為是一次很好的成長經驗。  By Hueiling

PBL reflection:
參參加這次的PBL比賽收穫許多,因為組員們都很厲害所以從他們身上可以學到很多關於演講的自信,還有英文發音寫詞,最終要的事做事情的態度很積極。也希望下一次比賽自己的能力有比今年還要提升。By Olivia