Sleeping Problems

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Do you have trouble sleeping, are you waking up feeling exhausted, or feel sleepy during the day? We are always questioning, what is sleeping disorder or sleeping problem? Through this project, we are going to recognize the symptoms of a sleep disorder and get the treatment we need for a better sleep. From our knowledge, a sleep disorder is a condition that frequently impacts our ability to get enough sleep quality. Many of us occasionally experience difficulties sleeping. The reason might be stress, travel, illness, or other temporary interruptions of our normal routine. However, if we regularly have problems getting to sleep at night, wake up feeling exhausted, or feel sleepy during the day, we may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Through this project, not only we want to know the cause of the problems and how to solve them, but also, we want to know opinions form our international friends from Palau and Japan.  How to solve sleeping problems? SDG is the key component to find solution to our problems.

Dream: Andrea, Fiona, Mico and Tina
Teacher: Nela Lin


My iEARN PBL Experience
這是我第一次參加PBL的比賽,我們從想主題、開始寫內容、找資料到最後拍影片,幾乎是每個禮拜六都要來學校,我們花了很多的時間,很開心最後我們有得到特優,慶幸一切的努力都沒有白費,這過程中我們也學到了很多除了英文進步外的事,還有團隊的合作,我的組員都是很盡責的人,所以我做起來沒有那麼的困難,很開心這次可以參加這樣的比賽,希望明年還有機會。 By Fiona

With the encouragement of classmates and teachers, a team was formed with other friends - Dream. At the beginning, it went smoothly. Let's discuss the direction, content and briefing together. In the middle, everyone may be a little tired. Gradually, they don't use their spare time to memorize manuscripts. They only practice on Saturday. However, in the final "filming" section, everyone tried their best to recite the manuscript, want to move and make props. Along the way, there was the help of teachers and the encouragement of the team members. We practiced through "punishment" and achieved good results. We got Teyou together. We are very happy to have this experience. I hope it will be better next time.         By Tina

很開心在今年的PBL 比賽,我們這組得了特優,雖然在時間上,因為疫情有了調動,但我們這組並沒有因此而慌張,調整了行程表,然後快馬加鞭的進行。在假日、自習時間,我們趕快完成道具、台詞跟簡報,老師們也提點了我們很多需加強的部分,像是:講話的時候搭配一些手勢、修改台詞、多點動作等,這讓第一次參加的我安心了不少。在練習的時候,我們四個總是輪流忘詞,麻煩了幫我們錄影跟喬地點的老師們,於是我們最後想出了解決辦法:忘詞的人要請大家吃東西,雖然我又忘記了,但我們之後比前幾次更順利的完成。      By Mico