The Russian-Ukrainian War

張貼者:2022年7月6日 凌晨12:51Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2022年7月26日 晚上8:52 ]
he Russian-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war. It initially focused on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas, it recognized as property of Ukraine. This controversial news popped everywhere on Taiwanese TV, newspapers, and radio. When we watched the news of Ukraine-Russia conflict, the controversial issue of this topic came to our minds. Through PBL, we want to know closely about this conflict. How it came to this? and why this war is so sudden? Through this project, we divided this issue into three parts: persecution, impact, and solution. However, Ukrainians have fled the country’s borders, Ukrainian refugee crisis is also our main concern.

Refugee in your area: Boliana, Pink, Issa, Arina
Teacher: Nela Lin

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My iEARN PBL Experience

透過這次參賽經驗,從蒐集專題資料到錄製參賽影片皆需要和組員們共同完成,因此我從中學到團隊合作的重要。在準備PBL過程中,我發現世界上還有許多議題等著我們看見,透過製作專題報告能夠讓更多人認識我們所選擇的議題內容,同時也能讓我們自己更了解議題的相關資訊。  By Issa

這次比賽正逢段考,因此準備時間顯得不那麼足夠,幸好組員們都很團結,也都做好自己的本分,才能獲得特優的佳績!希望以後能更上一層樓,多多在探討SDGS的意義上鑽研,也增進自己的台風和英語能力。 By Arina