Women’s Rights

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Since ancient times, many countries have been dominated by men and paid attention to society, and often ignored many rights of women, including the right to education, the right to work, the right to suffrage, the right to freedom, and so on.  Through this project, we are focusing on gender discrimination in the workplace.  Women, we are the subject of gender based discrimination in the workplace. The purpose is to let everyone know about this by illustrating and looking at the
gender pay gap. Equal pay for the same work is a human right, but most of the time, women are paid unequally.
KCIBI: Ivy, Ivonne, Kiki and Cleo
Teacher: Nela Lin

榮譽榜: 特優

在這次的比賽中,我們都收獲滿滿,大家很緊急的完成許多事情,中間也發生很多困難,導致我們差點放棄比賽,幸好有學姊建議,讓我們深思熟慮決定繼續做比賽。一開始大家都比較沒有默契,而且我們連工作都還沒分配,完全一團亂,主題也很難選,寫台詞中間也有很多分歧的地方,背台詞中間也突然刪了很多也加了一些,道具也是非常緊急的做完做的不好還會掉,動作也是為了整齊性一改再改,怪我們當時沒考慮到時間問題,把這件事拋在腦後,拖到要比賽了才開始努力,雖然是錄製的比賽方式,但我們錄了好幾次,到最後好不容易大家都做的很好,結果我還出錯,這個影片也還是放上去了,因為可能不再有那麼好的一次了,這結果真的出乎意料,我想我的錯誤可能不會有很好的結果,真的很謝謝隊員們的付出才有這樣的成果! B
y Ivy

My iEARN PBL Experience
Participating in this competition was not originally in my club plan, because as a student, I hope to focus on schoolwork. But thinking about the ted that I didn't attend last time, I still feel that I have to take advantage of the opportunity, otherwise when the opportunity slips away, it will be too late to turn around. From the very beginning in the preparation stage, I did not contribute a lot to the group because of my academic activities. It was not until the game was imminent that I realized that my preparation was insufficient. Fortunately, there was still time. I want to thank Teacher Nela in particular, because the morale of everyone in our group was a little low, and the teacher silently helped us make props. Seeing this picture became a turning point for me to practice PBL. Since then, I have been more active with team members and team members to work together. A line, an action, and even a paragraph are all coordinated by other team members. Nela said to me, "iEARN's competitions are all about teamwork." Although I didn't participate in the last competition, after this competition, I redefine and understand "teamwork". In fact, the benefits of teamwork are not only to train us in the future In addition to the interpersonal skills in the workplace or in society, you can also taste the joy of sharing results together. Even if I decide to go to the Legal Research Club next semester to study the law I love, I will still apply what I have learned in iEARN and PBL to my life. By Ivonne

這次比賽的準備時間不是很多,但我們靠著小組團結的力量一起完成了。在中間我們也遇到很多的困難,包括想台詞跟動作等等,但大家也都沒有放棄。一開始我們並沒有很積極的練習,並沒有注意到比賽即將到來,還好組員都在最後奮力的衝刺,我們才有今天這樣亮麗的成績。謝謝學姐和Nela老師不斷的分享以前比賽的經驗,不停的告訴我們要怎麼做才會更好。這次的比賽我收穫滿滿,希望下次也能夠再一起加油,完成更多比賽。 By Kiki

這次的比賽讓我感受到了什麼是時間緊迫,本來一開始大家都懶懶散散的,根本就意識不到時間的流逝,後來才發現時間真的不多了,好在後來大家都積極的練習,我也在裡面學會放開自我,本來就很放不開,現在就學會了要放開才能得到好成績,經歷了這次比賽,我也相信以後能進步的更好,在這次的比賽我收穫非常多,希望下次也能有一樣甚至是超越的表現,可以在不斷領受學姐知識的同時,也能將這些知識傳給下一代的學妹們。 By Cleo