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Adobe Youth Voice Project

Sheng Kung Girls' High School join Adobe Youth Voice for the first time. We are putting a lot of effort to make a wonderful videos. 
Students enjoyed this kind of activity but the  most important they must know how to work as a team. 

Zombies Save The Earth

張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上11:51Nela Lin

A group of students from Sheng Kung Girls' High School is teaching you how to do a proper recycling by showing a piece of scary movie with ghosts. At the same time, this video is very funny, Please enjoying watching our video. Miley, the director of the movie put a lot of efforts cutting and editing the movie.  

YouTube 影片

Do you know how to recycle in a proper way? This video is about
Environmental Protection from SKGSH, Tainan, Taiwan. A group of 
students who want to show you how to do recycling properly. Recycling is very important in our daily lives. If you do a proper recycle, we will save our environment, our earth will be healthier and our next generation will be better. Enjoy watching our video.

Made by students from junior three,  senior one,  and senior  two.

Senior Two: Zhuang, Ya Min (Miley), Yang, Pei Shan (Rosalina)

Senior One: Chang, Fang Yu (Una), Li, Ying Ying (Madeline)

Junior Three Lu, Shu En (Susan).    

Who We Are?

張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上11:46Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年4月30日 凌晨12:00 ]

This video is to find who we are, sometimes we just wonder who we are!

YouTube 影片

In our daily busy lives, every routine happens every day. When we have free time to take a break, questioning may cross our minds, we are still finding our answer "who we are?" The answer seems mysterious, however, in our dreams we find ourselves. Just be yourself, there is no another one better than ourselves. Change negative thoughts, and believe, trusting  in yourselves our lives will be better.

Made By Yi Zhen Tu (Jean), Chia Hsin Chen (Cindy), Chiao An Cheng (Joan), Yi Ting Liao (Ida)

Because of You!

張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上11:07Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年5月7日 凌晨1:33 ]

YouTube 影片

This video describes the loosing of the dog. Dogs are human friends who can play and be with. Because of his loose, life is not the same as before. Owners will always remembered of death dog. This movie shows a strong relationship between human and an animal.

It is created by LING YEN KAO, senior 1 students at Sheng Kung Girls' High School.

My Reflections:

Animals are a part of my life. Since I was a baby, I was surrounded with many kinds of animals.Like dogs, chickens, birds......,etc.

I am grateful to my family, because they are not afraid to put animals with kids. Therefore, I could learn love from animals.

In the movie, the dog is like my passed dog , I am owed her much, this movie is for her.



張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上11:04Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年4月30日 凌晨12:01 ]

YouTube 影片

This video describes how human who lived in the earth are cutting a lot of trees. We need tissues in our daily lives. If we can save some trees and use less tissue papers, our earth will be great, we will have a better living environment . 

This video carries the message of using less tissue papers in our daily lives and our mother earth will be healthier and stronger.

It is made by Junior Two students at Sheng Kung Girls' High School. 
The junior team has a lot of great ideas how to carry the message to save more trees in our planet. 

Director: Jace

Are you too attached to your cellphone?

張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上10:52Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年5月7日 凌晨1:30 ]

YouTube 影片

Summary of the video:

This video is about teenagers who are too attached to their high-tech devices and how bad the consequence is . We hope that people can reflect on this issue after watching this clip and convey this thought to those who can't still get rid of the vicious cycle ,then, this world will become better and better!  

CHEN , SHU YIN     陳淑吟
WU , YING CHI   吳英綺
We are senior students at Sheng Kung Girls' High School!!!!!!


張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上10:51Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年4月30日 凌晨12:02 ]

YouTube 影片


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