Because of You!

張貼者:2015年4月29日 晚上11:07Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2015年5月7日 凌晨1:33 ]

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This video describes the loosing of the dog. Dogs are human friends who can play and be with. Because of his loose, life is not the same as before. Owners will always remembered of death dog. This movie shows a strong relationship between human and an animal.

It is created by LING YEN KAO, senior 1 students at Sheng Kung Girls' High School.

My Reflections:

Animals are a part of my life. Since I was a baby, I was surrounded with many kinds of animals.Like dogs, chickens, birds......,etc.

I am grateful to my family, because they are not afraid to put animals with kids. Therefore, I could learn love from animals.

In the movie, the dog is like my passed dog , I am owed her much, this movie is for her.