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Public Art by J3

What is ?public art??
  • In the open air
  • On public land, for all to see
  • A sculpture, fountain, mural, or public furniture
  • NOT a building, bridge, tower, or other construction

What do you need to do?
1.) Find a piece of public art in this city.

2.) Find out some information about it
> Who made it?
> What is it made of?
> When was it made (its history)?
> Why is it there?
> What is the meaning?

3.) Write a short report about the piece of art, including this information
4.) Record an mp3 version of your report
5.) Post the mp3 file, report, and picture on
6.) Look at and comment on other students? work

  1. It must be PUBLIC art
  2. It must be in this city
  3. You must take the picture yourself (no using the internet!!!)
  4. You must write the report yourself (no copying from the internet!!!)
  5. You must comment on others? posts, not only the classmates from this school

Public Art by J3A

張貼者:2018年9月7日 晚上10:42Nela Lin

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