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Public Art

What is Art? It is not always what we think about today. Art today may not be perceived as such when it was first created nor the person who creates it is necessarily regarded as an artist. Both the term of art and the idea of the artist are relatively modern terms.
Many of the objects can be identified as art today, murals, sculptures, fountains or urban furniture, for example. In this project, we are going to investigate the "Art" in Sheng-Kung and the meaning behind it. Through this project, we want people to gain knowledge, meaning, authorship, an understanding of the history of art works and respect for them.


                                                                                               Art in SK

Sk Art

Monchuan Fountain.mp3
Nela Lin,
2014年10月17日 凌晨1:56
Nela Lin,
2014年10月17日 凌晨1:15