Old Lady



The name of our artwork in Chinese is 和平紀念碑. In English, it means the commemoration of the monument of peace. It is situated in Kaohsiung County and is made of imported Italian black marble. The artist, Guowei Tu, created it in 1993. The monument was built to commemorate the 228 event.
After World War II, because of the corrupt local KMT leadership, people couldn`t live a liberated life as they wished. It all started when the Taipei police tried to arrest an offender for selling smuggled cigarettes, which caused bloody conflict involving other vendors. The long buried unsatisfied feelings of the people finally erupted. The conflict then spread, involving the whole of Taiwan. Many innocent people became victims of this tragedy. Whenever people see this monument, they will always be reminded of this tragic event and the importance of peace among the people.


Nela Lin,
2014年10月28日 晚上10:06
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Nela Lin,
2014年10月28日 晚上10:07