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According to Brad Henry, "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."  For me, there are no secrets to do iEARN. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from others.


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4/25/2020 彰化縣政府教育處與英語資源中心辦理,
iEARN Youth Camp 在彰化藝術高中舉行!
透過此次的合作以及iEARN Taiwan,
Thank you so much for giving Nela and SK iEARN the opportunity to explore, learn and discover new themes of knowledge👍

Click here to see the full report https://bit.ly/3f6Rifc

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2019 iEARN Online Course

張貼者:2020年1月17日 晚上8:00Nela Lin

While you are working, you can learn through the net. Education without leaving school, iEARN online course, I made it! 👍🏻

Five weeks of reading different articles, watching meaningful videos, writing personal reflections, writing lesson plans or thinking on different projects and discuss with teachers from other schools are required for iEARN online course.

Through iEARN online courses you can
You can learn whatever you want!
 You can have self-paced learning
 You can pay lower cost
4️⃣ iEARN online course will look great on your teaching portfolio
5️⃣ You can be comfort and earn it
6️⃣ Yo can see at the end, iEARN online course is totally worth the effort

☝🏻If you haven’t done yours, come join iEARN experts in next iEARN course season!


張貼者:2019年6月4日 晚上10:39Nela Lin

辦理「2019 國際教育交流專案式學習(PBL)中區成果發表會暨中區專案教師網聚交 流」,
增加本市學校與國際師生互動和學習之 連結機會,
並在提升本市未來公民之國際教育和資訊技能與素養方面盡一份力。 .

活動日期:108 年 5 月 25 日(星期六)08:30~12:15。 

      活          動         前          照         片

2019 Sharing iEARN with CSJHS Teachers

張貼者:2019年4月15日 下午4:49Nela Lin

👏It’s a great afternoon to come here and share with  CSJHS teachers. Thanks Jessica for inviting Nela for giving an iEARN Speech in your school. 
☝🏻We are always questioning 🤔what’s is Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL) ❓The answer is easy, it’s preparing students for academic, personal, or career critical thinking skills. 
☝🏻In the classroom, teachers make learning come alive for students through PBL. At the same time, students will work together with their peers on a project for short or long terms, for a semester or a year. 
☝🏻Every project will engage them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Also, they should demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a 
☝🏻As a result of this, students will develop deeper content as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing meaningful iEARN projects. 
☝🏻The main point, many iEARN projects will engage both students and teachers using  their creativity and language for collaboration, cooperation, exploration, understanding global issues and using diverse 
    technology skills.


2019 iEARN Workshop at CJSHS

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:31Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年4月15日 下午4:40 ]

 had this great honor to come this afternoon and share iEARN projects with Chang Jung Senior High School (長榮中學) 

In every iEARN lesson, the teacher will give herself the opportunity to learn from different projects. In iEARN class in the same way that children will learn from you.

  1. iEARN is the action of making a change to the world. There’s no time for any student from any school at all, you just have to take action and do projects right away!
  2. The modern educator isn’t just about knowing the topic from a book, it’s creating lessons to inspire students to learn from it. 
  3. Hoping Nela’s iEARN speech will inspire CJSHS teachers to do more iEARN projects and creating new and fun teaching environment for students to learn. 

Date of Workshop: March 27, 2019

iEARN Speaker, Nela Lin

張貼者:2018年11月23日 晚上7:06Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年11月23日 晚上7:08 ]

Thanks for inviting me teacher Huang from Taoyuan Municipal Zhong Li Commercial Senior High 

The goal of iEARN is building new friendship through different projects.

iEARN requires understanding, creating mutual confidence, mutual sharing and forgiving others if they do not accomplish what you want them to accomplish.

iEARN is loyalty through many well done and unfinished projects.

In other words, a lot of iEARN projects require discussion. Through discussions both students and teachers can exchange knowledge toward common goal of learning new things.

The beauty of iEARN through video conference is making students to have freedom of expression using second language as a tool of communication.

I had a great experience today by giving iEARN speech and encourage teachers do iEARN projects.


iEARN Workshop at TKU

張貼者:2018年6月14日 晚上8:55Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年9月7日 晚上10:49 ]

2017年10月22日 · Tanshui · 
We made it! It’s a nice experience working with all of you! I think this is a great workshop, everyone did a great job! There are no secrets to do iEARN, It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from Others. 
never give up
never stop trying
never stop learning

iEARN International Conference (Day2)

張貼者:2018年6月14日 凌晨2:47Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年6月14日 晚上8:34 ]

這兩天在高雄舉辦iEARN國際分享,在這個會議當中看到很多iEARN的老朋友也認識了很多iEARN 新老師!兩天的會議看到不同的國家做不同的專案收穫滿滿

iEARN International Conference (Day 1)

張貼者:2018年6月14日 凌晨2:45Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年6月14日 晚上8:33 ]

Sharing SK iEARN with the world!
Thanks Doris, Director of iEARN-Taiwan for this great opportunity

iEARN Japan - jEARN

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