2019 iEARN Online Course

張貼者:2020年1月17日 晚上8:00Nela Lin

While you are working, you can learn through the net. Education without leaving school, iEARN online course, I made it! 👍🏻

Five weeks of reading different articles, watching meaningful videos, writing personal reflections, writing lesson plans or thinking on different projects and discuss with teachers from other schools are required for iEARN online course.

Through iEARN online courses you can
You can learn whatever you want!
 You can have self-paced learning
 You can pay lower cost
4️⃣ iEARN online course will look great on your teaching portfolio
5️⃣ You can be comfort and earn it
6️⃣ Yo can see at the end, iEARN online course is totally worth the effort

☝🏻If you haven’t done yours, come join iEARN experts in next iEARN course season!