2019 Sharing iEARN with CSJHS Teachers

張貼者:2019年4月15日 下午4:49Nela Lin
👏It’s a great afternoon to come here and share with  CSJHS teachers. Thanks Jessica for inviting Nela for giving an iEARN Speech in your school. 
☝🏻We are always questioning 🤔what’s is Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL) ❓The answer is easy, it’s preparing students for academic, personal, or career critical thinking skills. 
☝🏻In the classroom, teachers make learning come alive for students through PBL. At the same time, students will work together with their peers on a project for short or long terms, for a semester or a year. 
☝🏻Every project will engage them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Also, they should demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a 
☝🏻As a result of this, students will develop deeper content as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing meaningful iEARN projects. 
☝🏻The main point, many iEARN projects will engage both students and teachers using  their creativity and language for collaboration, cooperation, exploration, understanding global issues and using diverse 
    technology skills.


Nela Lin,
2019年6月4日 晚上10:43