iEARN Speaker, Nela Lin

張貼者:2018年11月23日 晚上7:06Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年11月23日 晚上7:08 ]
Thanks for inviting me teacher Huang from Taoyuan Municipal Zhong Li Commercial Senior High 

The goal of iEARN is building new friendship through different projects.

iEARN requires understanding, creating mutual confidence, mutual sharing and forgiving others if they do not accomplish what you want them to accomplish.

iEARN is loyalty through many well done and unfinished projects.

In other words, a lot of iEARN projects require discussion. Through discussions both students and teachers can exchange knowledge toward common goal of learning new things.

The beauty of iEARN through video conference is making students to have freedom of expression using second language as a tool of communication.

I had a great experience today by giving iEARN speech and encourage teachers do iEARN projects.