2019 iEARN Workshop at CJSHS

張貼者:2019年4月10日 下午5:31Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2019年4月15日 下午4:40 ]

 had this great honor to come this afternoon and share iEARN projects with Chang Jung Senior High School (長榮中學) 

In every iEARN lesson, the teacher will give herself the opportunity to learn from different projects. In iEARN class in the same way that children will learn from you.

  1. iEARN is the action of making a change to the world. There’s no time for any student from any school at all, you just have to take action and do projects right away!
  2. The modern educator isn’t just about knowing the topic from a book, it’s creating lessons to inspire students to learn from it. 
  3. Hoping Nela’s iEARN speech will inspire CJSHS teachers to do more iEARN projects and creating new and fun teaching environment for students to learn. 

Date of Workshop: March 27, 2019